Welcome to Snow Angel Retrievers

Some angels have wings…ours have fur.


Your next furry ‘family member by choice’ is an important decision.

Being a veterinarian since 1983, and married to a nurse, we bring much knowledge to our program. You will not find crates in our home, where your
puppy is born and raised for 8 weeks prior to living with you!

We do not see ourselves as ‘a kennel’, but rather as a place where we are fortunate enough to be able to share our home with our beautiful dogs
and their occasional litters. And, while we never sell our AKC registered puppies with breeding rights, we do provide something much more
important…unlimited LOVE!

And, I love making slide shows to show you just that! I have the best subjects ever to photograph, which makes taking great pictures easy.  The slide shows are also a wonderful way to see multiple pictures of our dogs (as above) or of their rapidly growing offspring when we have litters in our home.  It is my hope that you will enjoy our Snow Angel website.