Adoptable Guardian Angels

Every now and then, the time comes for us to retire a member of our adult fur family.  Sometimes, this might be because he or she did not pass all health certifications.  In the past, for instance, we have had to retired dogs for a borderline hip dysplasia rating at the age of two years old.  While this does not affect their longevity or quality of life, we can not use them in our breeding program.  In addition, we allow our Snow Angel mama’s to have no more than four litters.  Some have less, depending on their ability to conceive.  We then do the spay procedure for the girls or the neuter procedure for the boys and allow time for complete recovery.  Like people, every dog is different.  Each has their own unique personality. Some dogs love being a member of a large pack, while other would benefit from being placed as an ‘only child’.  Letting go of the puppies in our litters is difficult, but placing our adults is the most difficult of all. Because we know them all so well, we have to love them enough to know if it is time to let them go.  

This year is a one of much change for our breeding program, because we will have several of our girls retiring.  Each of our fur kids are well trained and have been well socialized.  Like people, each dog has their own personality.  It is important to us that moving in to a new ‘pack’ be a good fit for them. If you would like to be considered for a retired or retiring Snow Angel, please submit your responses to our questionnaire (minus the puppy training questions). 

In addition, we have collected semen from Icicle and have it frozen, ready and waiting for future litters to be sired by him.  We will plan on neutering him and placing him with a new family, but this must be one that is local to us. This is because we feel it is important for our puppy families to be able to meet both the mama and the papa of the litter(s) they are selecting from. Personality traits of the parents often times pass down to their offspring.  So, when puppy selection takes place, families also get to meet the parents.  This mean we will, at times, need to ‘borrow’ Icicle for a weekend for this big event. Having him living close by makes this easily possible.  If you live in Champaign-Urbana or surrounding communities, and would like to be considered for Icicle, submitting the Snow Angel questionnaire is the first step in the process.