Our Boys – Blizzard

Full Name:  Giddygold Golden Spirit In My Heart

We imported Blizzard from Denmark as an adult with all of his clearances in place. Bringing him into our home and breeding program truly helped our Snow Angels to become what we always envisioned they should be. Thanks to Jeanette Filskov for this handsome boy with the winning smile. Over time, we have stored his frozen semen for future use.  He is neutered, but will continue to sire litters.  Such is the way with science and medicine.  Because we feel it is important to meet the parents of one’s new puppy, we adopted Blizzard out to a family that lives close by.  They have agreed to let us ‘borrow’ Blizzard when puppy selections are taking place. This gentle soul will melt your heart.  We have always thought he would make a wonderful therapy dog.  Maybe in his ‘retirement’ he will get to do just that.  We do know that he is enjoying living with his new forever family 🙂